Monday, 22 February 2010

Greece: 2010-2012

Now this is more fun, eh? Looking at somewhere where the action is now.

Let’s look first at what constitutes the Greek chart. With the noon chart (caveat emptor – not a timed chart) we have a Sun, Mercury conjunction on the MC square another conjunction between Saturn and Jupiter. The Moon is square a conjunction of Neptune and Uranus and opposes Pluto and Chiron. That is interesting – an outer planet collection that touches the people (described by the moon ) but not the administration ( described by the Sun), we’ll have to see how this plays out.

It is also interesting because the Neptune and Uranus conjunction falls right across the IC of the Euro chart and the Moon on its Ascendant. It is not difficult to see how that is playing out…. (Someone really should never have let them join with such a chart!)

The chart is completed by an opposition between Venus and Mars. Which would be a minor consideration but Venus is the chart ruler.

During the decade which has led up to these problems progressed Mars was working its way through an opposition with the country’s 12th house Pluto

It is also interesting to note that in 2004, the Greek olympics year the progressed Sun was 180 degrees from the natal Sun ( and in the noon chart so was the MC). Of course all this was square the Jupiter Saturn conjunction again- multiplying the normal Greek issues. No wonder the debts just kept getting bigger.

There are currently a number of active progressions : Progressed Sun is trine Pluto, Progressed Saturn in trine with natal Mars, Progressed Mars conjoining the Moon and the progressed Ascendant activating the Sun/Saturn/ Jupiter square. And finally, progressed Jupiter is about to change signs in March for only the second time since the formation date. That much action, all for one little country….

Incidentally a key debt/mega wealth signifier is Jupiter /Pluto. Greece did not have this at the date of foundation, but by progression it now has a sextile between these planets.

Now, in February 2010 is not a surprise to see Pluto transiting the Uranus/Neptune conjunction and Saturn smack on the Moon and progressed Mars, because of the relationship between this configuration and the Euro. We have a Euro problem and the source is the Greek nation’s nature in regard to money and government. Pluto and Saturn are excellent at bringing chickens home to roost – and with the Greek configuration they have been rather wayward hens. Whispers of the problem have been around since Pluto and Saturn started their square in November. But it has all come to a head during the Jupiter sextile to the configuration too. Proof that Jupiter isn’t always as charming an influence as we might wish – sometimes it just magnifies the problem.

So, Saturn is retrograde and will be popping back into Virgo soon, presumably that will be the end of the matter? Sadly of course, it is only the beginning….

March, however will likely see things calm down a little as the square separates, but with Neptune quincunx the progressed Sun and Uranus transiting the country’s Pluto the underlying problem isn’t going away.

Sometime this summer, I’ll say June as that is when Uranus and Jupiter enter Aries but it could be May or July, the situation will flare up again. Let’s look at the aspects : Saturn conjoins the Greek Moon and progressed Mars, Pluto transits its Neptune and Uranus and Uranus and Jupiter conjoin the Pluto. Full house. Shall I elaborate? No, I think we have the picture. Then again, maybe we don’t- perhaps this comes to a head because of other Euro countries, rather than Greece itself.

And just in case we think that it will pass quickly – the arrival of the progressed Moon at zero degrees of Virgo square the progressed Jupiter in September suggests otherwise.

The last three months of the year are characterised by the Uranus Jupiter conjunction retrograding over Pluto and trine the progressed Sun. Although not a direct challenge to government, given the circumstances we can imagine some major changes.

As the themes of those last few months continue into 2011, Saturn moves on to square both the progressed and natal Mercury positions, restricting communications, exchange and activity in general.

By the time Jupiter returns to the early degrees of the cardinal signs most things are likely to have happened, never but there is still likely to be a lot of speculative trading involved at this time. This is supported by Neptune moving into a square with the progressed Jupiter. This is highly inflationary.

By April Jupiter reaches the Jupiter/ Saturn conjunction and squares the Greek Sun, we have more issues with government but generally this is probably a positive move for economic growth. Expect some optimism.

In May the progressed Moon reaches Mars and trine progressed Saturn, which is actually a relatively positive prospect – suggesting working towards solutions. In July Jupiter crosses the Descendent and reaches progressed Saturn the following months, suggesting a shift in the mood.

Uranus continues its dance over Pluto throughout this time but it is important to note that though this might be a major event in most cases, in the case of Greece now it is less significant that what has already occurred. Nevertheless it is a generally unsettling influence.

And Saturn opposes the Saturn Jupiter conjunction and squares the Sun in October, so the optimism and economic improvements may be short lived. In November the two themes conflict as Saturn squares the Sun and Jupiter retrogrades over the ascendant.

So throughout the winter we have attempts to grow and expand offset with restrictions and difficulties.

January to March continue with more or less the same aspects in place. Tricky for the leadership but with attempts to improve the overall situation. Unfortunately the presence of Uranus in square to the Greek natal Uranus/Neptune conjunction still will cause unexpected speculations and trades that will not settle down yet, and with the Moon and progressed Mars involved even actual disruption of activity.

Nevertheless April and May aren’t to bad at all with Neptune sextling the aforementioned Neptune conjunction and diluting some of Uranus’s instability, Pluto trining progressed Mars and Saturn and allowing restructuring and work towards a better economic future and Jupiter making some lovely aspects to Mercury. Much headway can be made with these during this couple of months.

Although Saturn is still opposing Saturn and Jupiter and square the Sun, in June, there is a feeling of positive change engendered by Jupiter’s transit over the progressed Jupiter and subsequent aspects to progressed Mars. Whilst not everything is resolved there is a much improved situation.

But Uranus is still opposing the progressed Mars and squaring Uranus even in December, there is still a lot of background dissention.

Formalisation of independence
1 Jan 1822 (OS) noon local time Athens Green
Source: N Campion, Book of World Horoscopes

Indonesia: 2010-2012

I can’t claim that I am not interested in Indonesia because I’ve never visited, as I have. But there is a vast difference between interacting with a country for business and lying on a beach. I don’t have a feel for it at all. I doubt this will be one of my best analysis, but nothing ventured, nothing gained.

It is tempting to use a chart for Indonesia that predated this one, But the only one I can find represents the union of the island under Dutch rule such as the nationalisation of the Dutch East India Company on 1 Jan 1800 and this seems to predate any feeling of unity, so I will go with the independence chart.

Indonesia has the 1945 conjunction of Jupiter Neptune and Chiron, so writing about it before last year would have been a trifle wiser. Too late, but perhaps I will be able to refine by views of the conjunction as interpreting it seems to be my weak point.

Other notable factors in the chart are a very close conjunction between Mars and Uranus, a permanently unstable feature, and perhaps a reason I should use the later confirmation of independence chart. The country also has a Saturn Venus conjunction on the MC, and a Mercury Moon square. A bit all over the place and conflicting really. The progressed chart sees a long term sextile between Jupiter and Pluto which perfected in 2008, suggesting growing power – in this case with the Neptune conjunction the services sector is more important than engineering etc and part of the configuration probably represents faith rather than economic power or perhaps just a representation of the demographics as this is a rapidly growing population. Interestingly 2008 was the year Indonesia withdrew from OPEC as it was no longer a new exporter of oil.

It should also be noted that the Rupiah ( decreed by law on 3 October 1951) has its MC, Sun, and Saturn around the same degrees of Libra and opposite Jupiter. As the country goes so does the currency.

Transit wise Pluto has recently been squaring the Neptune conjunction in the chart and Saturn has been transiting it since November. However these are subtle long term influences and will probably need the impact of Uranus and Jupiter in the coming year to crystallise into anything event wise.

Although we had a Neptune conjunction of the same nature in the sky in 2009, it made no aspects to the equivalent configuration in the Indonesian chart. Instead it opposed the country’s Sun – which of course meant corruption allegations against the president. However a simultaneous trine to the progressed Sun was protective in the main. Uranus has been trine the deepening Saturn Mars conjunction but will move on now and the issues of this conjunction will be on a back burner for a few more years.

Indonesia has not been immune to the global economic downturn, with exports affected but with such a low level of per capita income and unemployed, the marginal impact on the country as a whole is hardly like that for nations with richer populations. Furthermore despite attempts by the government to increase expenditure to cushion the economic slowdown, the budget deficit is only around 2.0% of GDP, New measures to expedite spending and stimulate the economy are being implemented (1) but it remains to be seen whether that will be enough to compensate for global shifts.

So where is the country heading?

Pluto will continue to square Neptune throughout the year but, by May, Saturn will conjoin the Indonesian Jupiter and Uranus and Jupiter will oppose it. The cardinal cross will pull in the Indonesian progressed Venus through July and August. Given what we know already about the significance of the conjunction we can expect major imbalances within the economy. Output and trade is likely to suffer- probably the impact of no longer being an oil exporter has been underestimated and there is likely to be a significant impact on the commodities business of the country too. Furthermore the effect on the Rupiah is likely to be significant, showing major fluctuations and ultimately in 2010 depreciating.

The effect of the cardinal cross continues right the way through to September. Then Jupiter and Uranus have moved away and are trining the Indonesian Saturn again taking the pressure off a little. However Saturn now reaches the progressed Jupiter and sextiles Pluto, definitely the impact of the oil balance will be felt now.

In January 2011 Saturn will trine the Mars and Uranus conjunction, this is a relatively stabilising influence, but with Jupiter and Uranus opposing Jupiter again there is a lot of instability and imbalance to compensate for.

The currency might actually rise this year – or it might be subject to significant speculation with the Jupiter Uranus opposition – either way it looks like losing contact with fundamental value. Perhaps it may be replaced completely.

The two configurations continue throughout at least the first six months of the year . Jupiter moves forward and across the descendant in May, putting the focus further on external trade issues. From then on the picture is dominated by Saturn, first conjoining the progressed Jupiter in August then , moving on to square the MC, and Saturn in October and finally crossing the ascendant and squaring the progressed Saturn and Mars in November and December. All this Saturn suggests either a very depressed business environment and or a restrictive political situation. Saturn was last in this position in 1982,

Pluto and Uranus continue their transit of the Neptune conjunction in the background during the year. For Indonesia this seems to be about long term trends in the economy.

Saturn conjoins the progressed Sun in January 2012, putting pressure on the government and the as it retrogrades a square to progressed Mars and Saturn in May suggests some sort of police or military clampdown. Again the themes continue throughout the year.

Declaration/proclamation of independence
17 Aug 1945 10 am local time Jakarta Indonesia-
Source: N Campion Book of World horoscopes
1)Asia Monitor Nov 2009

South Korea: 2010-2012

South Korea is a fascinating development tale and a tribute to the importance of education. Unfortunately it is another country with which I feel little affinity but which I feel must be included in the key economies for completeness, especially as it is currently chair of the G20.

Another Cancer ascendant nation, SK has a pretty powerful Jupiter Pluto conjunction in Cancer, despite its 12th house placement (of which more soon) trining its sun- strong leaders are a feature of the nation ( North and South) and the potential for huge success in a chosen endeavour stands out in the chart. The country has a Mars close to the MC ( which really shows in the people- in my experience they like to work) and a Uranus Moon opposite Saturn- SK even the women are seriously tough cookies in my experience. With its strong manufacturing base it differs from many countries we have considered, and its technology focus leads the world

After a rather tricky Mars Uranus progressed square in 2005-8, at present there are not too many close progressed aspects other than an approaching Sun/Sun square which may prove interesting. There is one long standing progression though – Jupiter to the country’s ascendant which is within orb all decade and will perfect in 2013.

However when it comes to transits the matter is different. Pluto is opposing the country’s Pluto Jupiter conjunction at present, and Saturn is square. This means that some of the industrial success is being undermined by world events. GDP growth fell from over 5% in 2007 to approx zero (est) in 2009. Although SK suffered in 2008-2009 from the world recession it still grew, this aspect suggests it should be careful about over production and focus on transformation and improvement until Pluto moves on in a couple of years.

And as mentioned elsewhere Pluto can be a very dark force. However contrast the SK Pluto transit of the 6th house of work and environment with that of Turkey’s 7th. Korea needs to focus on its internal matters, Turkey cannot help but be affected by the external ones.

Neptune which was aspecting the Moon Saturn opposition is now moving on to conjoin Uranus, which though unsettling is less so than the previous few years might have suggested.

Uranus is transiting the SK Mars which could mean more advances in engineering, although it might also cause some dissent.

Positive aspects from Jupiter to the SK Sun and Jupiter in March will bring good news though .

By April the picture evolves a little: Saturn and Uranus make an opposition across the progressed ASc/Des axis and square the progressed MC. Uranus was square this point when NK separated so its an important point for the nation politically. But this is also good old hard economic stuff, where it is important to balance the old with the new else your economic model comes apart later. Saturn on the IC starts a new cycle while Uranus is completely overthrowing the old. Technical problems might surface and apparent breakthroughs turn out to have side effects. The combination together with Pluto is rather ripe for industrial disasters or environmental scandals.

There is a lot going on here – and I want to keep this short, but with the progressed Moon crossing Pluto and Jupiter in May we have a very important time for the Korean industrial powerhouse from April through the summer’s cardinal cross.

Jupiter joins Uranus in June on the MC – this is all really dramatic stuff – perhaps it is partly due to SK holding the G20 chair and the need for extra key meetings on global economic matters during 2010. Suddenly it seems SK is in the limelight during this cardinal cross for even as Uranus and Jupiter move from the MC they will conjoin the SK Venus and the effect will continue through into September when Saturn squares the Jupiter Pluto conjunction.

A brief holiday in October when the Moon and Sun form a progressed trine doesn’t last as Saturn is squaring that moon and Uranus and Jupiter oppose Mars. I don’t know what the SK inclination towards strikes is but in other nations this would be a likely outcome of this aspect.

The year ends with Saturn squaring the progressed Jupiter /Ascendant conjunction, definitely a time of challenge to growth.

We still have the background unsettling but low key Neptune transiting Uranus during this year but this is not the main worry.

The Saturn aspect continues into the first part of 2011, with Saturn stationed square the Ascendant – this is indeed hard re-evaluation and consolidation and restructuring time.

Pluto also continues to oppose the Pluto Jupiter conjunction, requiring continuing re-evaluation of the impact of SK’s growth. It’s double whammy time too with Jupiter squaring the conjunction in February. A look at whether too much investment has been made too quickly may be in order. So also might take-overs and big debt issues. Although SK is hardly the world leader in debt problems !!!

Really the situation is more or less fixed for the first five months of the year.

Some positive aspects from Jupiter to the SK Uranus, the Pluto conjunction and then to the Sun lighten up the summer a little but Uranus now moves into square the Jupiter Pluto conjunction. This really is a tough time for the industrial powerhouse of SK. September sees the last transit of Pluto but there is still more Uranus to come.

That key period of October 2011 sees Saturn move on from its square too, perhaps the conditions are lifting a bit?

But I’m still not convinced that the country will really see a complete lifting of the overhanging problems until 2012 at least. Trouble is- when you start off with such a powerful conjunction and get all the benefits of the upside, when you get the downsides they are equally powerful.

Does look better though. Uranus transiting Venus might bring some pleasant surprises and the continuing Jupiter sextile Jupiter suggests a pick up in demand and optimism. Saturn trine Uranus balances the new with the old rather than bringing them into conflict and at least for the first three months of the year economy and government look strong; Pluto and Jupiter sextile the Sun in March- that can only be a good thing for the country’s growth.

Positive Jupiter aspects continue, to the Ascendant, to progressed Venus. Mercury and the Sun throughout the whole of the last part of the year. However we still have the Uranus square Pluto Jupiter to content with throughout the year and is will throw some unexpected events into the mix – perhaps in the form of competition from elsewhere or again technical faults which cause problems.

Still it looks as if the worst is over by the end of 2012 – well at least for a couple of years until the Pluto Uranus square hits the ascendant anyway.

Start of Independence Movement
1 March 1919 14.00 local time Seoul SK
Source : Book of World Horoscopes. N Campion.
Generally people use the 15 August 1948 chart for SK. But after reflection I could see no reason
For not using this earlier one. This is the chart that best indicates Korean national feeling. The chart for NK describes the separation of part of the nation- rather like the Indian and Pakistan situation.
Note on art: No it doesn't completely break the rules, this design is Korean.

Turkey 2010-2012

Briefly the Turkish chart is characterised by Pluto rising square Mars. The Moon, the chart ruler is weak in the 12th house at 29 degrees 59mins . Uranus conjoins the MC in Pisces. Saturn and Mercury are conjunct in Libra, while Venus and Jupiter are close in Scorpio and square Neptune. With relatively few hard aspects it could be assumed it is a simple chart but the mix of planets and signs make it a curious and complex chart, with no one theme predominating.

Interestingly, although the proclamation is said to have occurred at 20.30 Attaturk was formally elected at 20.45- when the Moon had reached Cancer, and perhaps this makes more sense. The chart Moon is very transient.

In any case, either way, Pluto has recently ( 1-2 years ago) opposed the Turkish moon . Neptune has also been activating the chart – squaring the Jupiter configuration, whilst Uranus trined it. Saturn is in the 4th house having stationed close the IC a year ago. Economically Turkey’s rapid growth from 2002-2007 slowed during this period and the Lira completed its restructuring on 1 Jan 2009. The Lira has fallen since its redenomination in 2005, the Neptune square not being conducive to stability, but the Lira has stabilised a little of late, strengthening vs. the dollar in 2009. The Sun progressed into Aquarius in 2007 indicative of some of the issues around secularism that occurred at this time. They have been interesting times. What next?

Assuming the correct time for the chart, we see that the progressed MC is squaring the natal Uranus throughout this period. Changes will happen both in Turkey and with its partners that will radically change the way the country relates in the future.

The current Pluto Saturn square picks up the progressed Saturn, Sun and Venus – but on balance relatively favourably. Harder aspects to the ascendant and Mars lie in the wings for later. Neptune is opposing the progressed Moon but the aspect is over and the Moon moves on. Uranus comes to the end of its quincunx to Saturn and Mercury. Things are getting quieter for a while.

However Jupiter transits the country’s MC in March, which might throw up some excitement. Its trine to the Turkish Venus and Jupiter in April looks very positive.

In May the retrograde Saturn squares the Moon again, some issues from last October will be problematic. Uranus and Jupiter together also start to square the Moon, expect some divisive events and a not wholly happy populace. 1988, when Uranus and Saturn opposed the Moon was more or less the start of Turkey’s hyperinflation ( though Uranus itself was responsible only for the shift rather than the actual inflation). The issues continue through the effect of the cardinal cross in June to September. I would imagine this to take the form of both political and economic disruption – though it is quite possible that this will reflect external events rather than be caused directly by Turkish policy.

In October and November, Saturn will conjoin the country’s Mars, suggesting a clampdown of some sort on activity, further problems are suggested by the subsequent Square to Pluto and the Ascendant. The economic position is ok at this point though with Uranus and Jupiter trining Jupiter.

Uranus and Jupiter again square the Moon in early 2011- suggesting that any respite is short lived and that summer 2010 problems resurface them. Jupiter’s subsequent opposition to Mars only makes disagreements more out in the open. However Neptune by now has reached a trine with the moon making the mood more diluted – perhaps issues will just peter out. Although with Jupiter opposing the Saturn Mercury conjunction in May we might get some changes in policy/law as a result.

More important is the approach of Pluto to the Ascendant axis during these months. Pluto represents underground change, and it is crossing the Descendant square Mars, there is a risk that either Turkey will be subject to terrorism or serious power struggles. When Pluto squared this point in 1974 Turkey moved into Cyprus. Or, more likely since Pluto is on the Descendant, the country will be pulled into international issues and power games especially since Pluto is also sextile progressed Venus, suggesting diplomacy. Another possibility is earthquakes in the region.

June through to September looks more positive with Uranus sextiling the progressed Sun, only exaggerated by a Jupiter square in June. Changes will be welcome at this time and much can be accomplished. Nevertheless the Pluto transit doesn’t go away – it is hard to be completely relaxed. Jupiter sextiles the Ascendant in July and opposes the natal Sun, normally this would be a good thing but in this case it probably emphasises the involvement in power struggles.

The progressed Moon crosses the IC at this time – and the progressed Ascendant is also slowly transiting the same point. As in other charts we have looked at this indicates a key turning point especially for a country that already has Uranus on its MC. 2011 looks like the crucial year for Turkey to enhance its relations and thus its trade.

The themes continue throughout October and November, and the Saturn return in November December ends a 29 year cycle in the country’s history, one that started with the Saturn Pluto conjunction at that time. The next cycle looks to have a less challenging economic theme. Nevertheless all Saturn cycle ends force the evaluation of the whole cycle and there may be much introspection and questions asked of the government in these winter months.


We still see Pluto on the Descendant as 2012 begins, looking more and more like the impact of the wider world on Turkey. A heavy transit especially when accompanied by that Saturn return. I do feel the country will be under some fairly restrictive influences at this time one way or the other. It is unlikely to be great for the economy – although the chart is not showing massive restructuring of industries or hard recession, rather more an ominous shadow of difficulties.

The time around April 2012 looks better – with Jupiter opposite Venus and the chart’s Scorpio
conjunction as well as sextile the MC and Uranus there is some optimism and opportunity but it is still tempered by that ominous Pluto.

To add to the problem, over the Spring and summer Uranus reaches its cardinal square with Pluto – close to the Ascendant axis and opposite Mars. This is really tricky. Perhaps the fact that the MC is not involved saves the country from break up but having such a major global square slap bang on an angle can’t be brushed under the carpet. That and retrograde Saturn repeating its return to the 1923 position suggests a very difficult political period- even though economically it is more mixed. It is possible that Turkey is suffering damage to its main industries such as tourism etc at this time as a result of economic hardships elsewhere. Either way the government will be under pressure.

Furthermore the fact that Pluto moving on from the ascendant will soon oppose natal Pluto suggests little respite for some time yet.

Creation of Republic
29 October 1923, Ankara, Turkey, 20.30 local time
Source: Book of World Horoscopes. N Campion

Saudi Arabia: 2010-2012

While I am sure that to do a good forecast I need to understand a county well, I am not sure the same in true for just an interpretation of its natal chart. Sometimes it seems the less I know about a country, the more the image I have seems to resonate with its chart. Perhaps it is the fault of the chart ascendant that just shows the simple view presented to the world.

The Saudi chart is no exception. My view of Saudi Arabia is perfectly described by the Capricorn Ascendant with Saturn rising, and the Sun conjoining Jupiter also in Capricorn.

Unsurprisingly this chart does not show some of the drama that other countries have experienced over the last couple of years. It has no planets at 20-28 of Aquarius, or other fixed signs, activated by Neptune, only progressed Venus at 20-26 of the mutables activated by Uranus, and nothing at 0 of the cardinals activated by Pluto. Whilst Saturn and Jupiter has activated points in the last few years this is small fry compared to many countries.
So let’s just focus on whether this situation will change in the next 3 years.

Uranus is transiting progressed Venus and the Moon, so we can expect issues surrounding women in the country to be highlighted over the next year. Jupiter emphasises this in the last three months of the year. But Neptune makes no aspects in 2010 ( the closest is an approaching trine to Neptune not a cause for any disruption). Pluto is trining Mars, but this is just a powerful aspect. There are no hard squares, although Saturn does activate this in a tricky manner over the summer.

Saturn spends the year transiting the early degrees of Libra and makes few aspects. Jupiter makes favourable aspects to the chart as it moves through Pisces and little at all, except as mentioned above, when it joins Uranus in the cardinal cross.

So, compared to other countries , 2010 looks relatively calm economically.

Again little notable action from the three outer planets, but this year Saturn and Jupiter do shake things a little.

April 2011 sees Jupiter square the Saudi Arabian ascendant, it then moves on to square Saturn then the Sun Jupiter conjunction. All of this will go to make the country seem more extreme in its nature than usual. The same goes for the economy – all matters will be exaggerated.

Jupiter, however moves on fast, by July it will conjoin progressed Mars – making the country more assertive than usual and increasing all economic activity. At this point it is aided by the ongoing Pluto trine, a lot of power can be harnessed by the country at this time.

Jupiter then goes on to square natal Mars – suggesting even more. But before we forget- Jupiter transits a chart every 12 years and makes hard aspects every 3, its not so much of a big deal without the outer planets and by this stage the Pluto influence is waning.

By October though, Saturn will square the Ascendant, then Saturn. This is more significant. Remember once again it is picking up October 2011 which seems to be a critical point in all the currency charts. . Even Saudi wealth would be affected by a worldwide redenomination.
Furthermore Uranus is transiting the progressed Moon at this time – futher indications of a critical point

By November the square reaches the Sun/Jupiter conjunction – and the country rulers. Restriction even here. Jupiter retrograde is of no assistance. Indeed its transit of the IC further suggests a tunring point. The transit also quincunxes the Moon and progressed Venus- nothing escapes completely.

There is some evidence of things settling down by January 2012. Saturn trines Neptune, a weakening but not difficult aspect by itself. Jupiter makes its final pass to the IC and progressed Mars, more assertion but not particularly constructive

Saturn retrogrades backwards from February to September, keeping a feeling of restriction in place. Of course the country is no stranger to Saturnian influences, it is just that this time they may come from external influences rather than being imposed internally.

In November Saturn crosses the Saudi Arabian MC and opposes the country’s progressed Mars. The end of a cycle which started with the Saturn Pluto conjunction in 1982-3. Saturn and pLuto both pick up the progressed Ascendant by quincunx at the year end as Jupiter transits, Definitely a change of direction is indicated.

Capture of City from Turks.
15 Jan 1902 Riyadh Saudi Arabia. Rectified to approx 6.30am local time
Source Book of World Horoscopes. N Campion ( given time 6.45 am)

South Africa : 2010-12

Time flies, doesn’t it? But until the last couple of weeks we haven’t missed much economically have we?

I was, of course going to complete my G20 countries months ago, but try as I might I couldn’t raise any enthusiasm for a group of countries I had never visited. So economic output at Fortuna2020 has equalled zero. However, Greece has kindly re-ignited my interest. Of course it wasn’t on the list, but I’ve bribed myself: if I finish my G20 then I can look at Greece. Oooooh the thrill of it!

So here we are in South Africa. At least with the World Cup it is topical. You’d think I would be more thrilled wouldn’t you? However my appreciation for the World Cup is severely diluted every four years until that moment of ecstasy when England are eliminated. Then I am gripped by it. Of course England is unlikely to be submitting a team this year as the media has decreed that philandering is not acceptable in its footballers. And, since the phrase faithful footballer is clearly an oxymoron ..well…

Ooops, I digressed, didn’t I? Can you tell I am not enthused by South Africa? Oh well let’s get it over with shall we? I’ll try to make these next few posts short and sweet.

The chart I am using for South Africa makes it a Gemini nation – the dual face of Gemini fits well with the history of apartide. The contrast between the beauty of the Cape and the crime of Jo’berg is also indicated by this aspect. There are other interesting factors in the chart, notably a Mars Neptune conjunction, but we won’t analyse these we’ll just look at the future.

The Rand chart is rather mixed with a Jupiter Saturn conjunction quincunx Uranus. Interesting to see a currency that is about global matters and does not really tap into the personal planets at all. It has benefited from Neptune transiting its Sun in 2009; but some gains have been speculative.

South Africa has so far remained relatively unaffected by the world economic problems (
though of course relatively is a big qualification in this case), with its currency strengthening significantly in 2009, - although making the country less competitive, it is probably welcome after some years of deppreciation. However the political situation has been more questionable with the hints of past scandals associated with Zuma, president since May 2009 . Neptune spent the last year transiting the country’s moon : a situation where no-one knows the truth. The unsettled effect has been amplified by a Uranus sextile to the country’s Uranus which is pulling in a square to natal Pluto.

As 2010 begins these aspects are still in play. They are accompanied by a Saturn transit to the SA Jupiter, suggesting some restriction in business, but the trine to the progressed ascendant confirms that the country is coping better than others. However Pluto is square Jupiter suggesting that there are a number of problems simmering beneath the surface.

Transiting Jupiter is about to pass over the country’s ascendant and into its first house in the next few weeks. Of course the fact that the country must be more open to the world and find eyes focused on it is par for the course for a world cup host. Jupiter also squares the SA sun and MC, definitely a time when the activities of the country, good and bad, will be thrown open to all eyes.

Jupiter continues its journey through the first house in March and April shifting from hard aspects to the natal sun and MC to one to the progressed sun and MC. Jupiter then opposes the country’s progressed Mars and sextiles its progressed Uranus in April – unfortunately this progressed aspect probably reflects the crime and violence that occurs in the country and Jupiter is likely to draw attention to this in the run up to the Cup. Hopefully there is sufficient prominence given to the country’s Aids problem too.

From a trade point of view, though, the aspect is probably going to be a good thing – much more development and economic activity.

There are some problems surrounding the rand as Saturn transits square its Mars, but this is offset by Jupiter; probably too much demand upsetting the hard currency balance and not a longer term issue. The issue of trade in the currency continues throughout the period to August, but it is a technical rather than a value one.

However, Saturn is square the SA Pluto through the months of May to July. Add to this the upcoming mundane Saturn Pluto square and it is difficult to see how there won’t be some unpleasant events associated with this Cup. Security will need to be good else the sort of event that marred the Africa cup in Angola could be repeated.

June itself is characterised by the first conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus (sextile the SA mercury) at 0 degrees of Aries.. This in itself is a dramatic aspect. Perfect for a sporting event to break with tradition and suggesting progressive steps, but nevertheless a combination that can be volatile- on the pitch it could give some fantastic football, off the pitch I am less confident of the positives. Still there is little in the SA chart at 1 degree of the cardinal signs so perhaps too much disruption can be avoided. Economically, and despite the impending restrictions of Saturn, its all good stuff.

The themes continue into July. But now the impact of the Saturn and Pluto become stronger- a bit of a hangover effect probably. However, compared to some countries this key aspect is not too damaging to the SA chart. the progressed Moon forms a sextile and Saturn again trines Mercury as it conjoins Jupiter. All in all, a dampening of the exuberance but not too difficult, which continues throughout the SA winter months until October.

Furthermore Neptune trines Pluto, an easy aspect economically, though it has its downsides in other areas.

By October Saturn trines the country’s Sun and conjoins its progressed Neptune. This would normally be a sign of stability, politically and economically. However it is accompanied by the return of Jupiter and Uranus to a square to Pluto and sextile to Uranus through to January 2011. Much of the past problems come to the surface again so that Saturn trine is probably going to be harder on the economy and on the president than would otherwise be the case.

November and December sees Neptune transiting the SA moon again – yet more evidence of a return to murky situations.

Saturn on the Rand progressed MC opposite its progressed Sun and natal Venus, suggests the attraction of the currency wanes at this time.

The period is also dominated by Pluto’s square to the SA Jupiter. This is a debt aspect, and
since SA have been rather cautious about debt, we could probably surmise that this represents the impact of events elsewhere in the global economy.

As mentioned the themes of October onwards continue into the early part of 2011. Now, however, Saturn reaches progressed Jupiter and then squares Neptune. This will inevitably subdue optimism and clamp down on deception. It is less good for the currency too.
However it is offset by Jupiter sextiling the progressed Ascendant and opposes the country’s Jupiter, and expansive, even over-expansive, aspect.

There might also be another spike in rand trades at this time- the currency’s Mars is again squared by the Jupiter Uranus conjunction. With Pluto trine its own Pluto, it is facing questions over fundamental value – perhaps in line with other commodity related currencies.

Uranus returns to its sextile with SA Mercury in March, and Jupiter opposes progressed Mercury . Since these both highlight communications and information, we can expect information to come to light at this time which may change the political picture. It also suggests a continuing high level of trading activity.

April sees Jupiter sextile Neptune Mars conjunction and trines the progressed Sun and Mars
May sees Jupiter square the SA Uranus and sextile the Moon as well as Neptune squaring its Mercury and sextiling Saturn. A bit of a mixed bunch but not economically problematic in the longer term. However it will highlight some endemic problems within SA. The transist are accompanied by the progressed Moon Trine the progressed MC- not a bad aspect but in this case focusing on the people more than usual and perhaps further drawing attention to ongoing issues.

The Saturn conjunction with progressed Mercury in June will likely result in some repression of information and or trade.

July and August see Jupiter conjoining the country’s Saturn, good for both the government and the economy, a fact further confirmed by the sextile between the progressed Sun and Moon and a progressed Moon trining the Mars/Neptune conjunction and Uranus sextiling Mercury again. However, I do have reservations about the significance of the Neptune Mars conjunction in the SA chart and although all this seems mild stuff, the Moon highlighting a potentially questionable natal aspect is not without its downsides.

The Rand’s progressed Moon crosses its ascendant at this time – throwing the currency into strong focus globally. Remember elsewhere there are hints of a big change in worldwide currency values in October 2011 – these aspects, then, might represent the SA impact of the external trends.

In September/ October Saturn opposes the Rand progressed Sun, and the progressed Mc opposes its Venus, reinforcing the likelihood of currency re-evaluations.

Pluto squares the SA Jupiter in October, repeating the themes from early 2011. As mentioned earlier this likely represents the impact of events elsewhere in the global economy. Pluto also trines progressed Saturn and quincunxes the progressed Ascendant as the year ends, this together with a Saturn trine to Pluto suggests some dark and difficult influences politically and economically.

Jupiter retrograde stations on SA’s Saturn in early 2012, and the progressed Moon sextiles the progressed Uranus/Mars conjunction, It is a probably time for change.

The rand chart shows a brief upswing of activity -with Uranus sextling the Moon and progressed Jupiter again and Jupiter squaring them.

Tricky aspects to the SA chart involving transiting Pluto Jupiter and Neptune in February suggest that the external impact of late 2011 is causing adjustment in all areas of the economy. In March Neptune sextile Saturn, Jupiter conjoins progressed Saturn and Uranus opposes Jupiter. Another mixed bag but the balance is an upset to the status quo.

April and May are much easier, with a nice sextile from the moon to SA’s Uranus, easing change, and a Jupiter trine to the Sun, and progressed MC, then to Neptune/mars and then Uranus/mars then conjoining Mercury. Everything happens quickly and by June a lot of changes will have been implemented without, it seems too much force being required. However June itself might see difficulties for the government.

There are underlying changes suggested to the Rand as Pluto sextile’s its Mercury. Perhaps talk of changing denominations or the use of the hard currency. Saturn also opposes Venus – issues of fundamental value are discussed. Jupiter crosses the Descendant in July– probably representing what is happening politically.

For July is another month dominated by Jupiter and Uranus transits. Jupiter consolidates its position conjoining the SA Sun , IC and progressed Ascendant. Uranus sextiles these points at the same time. A new government? Certainly a key turning point in the country’s history, now or perhaps at the end of the year when the aspect repeats. In any case Jupiter’s aspects in September suggests things are taking a while to settle. Neptune square Mercury suggests misinformation

August sees Saturn opposing Venus but trining Pluto, transformation in key sectors such as mining, Uranus opposing Jupiter in November accompanied by Saturn opposing Saturn and the continuing Jupiter transit suggests the end of 2012 is not the end of the situation.

The square between Saturn and the progressed Jupiter/natal Moon in the rand chart suggests more currency restrictions too.

Union of South African states. 31 May 1910, Midnight local time, Pretoria, South Africa
Source Book of Word Horoscopes. N Campion