Tuesday, 16 May 2017

A global gadabout

I promised that this year I would provide more frequent updates on my forecasting and on world events in general. This is the first of those.
Once of the most interesting events of the 5 months so far was last week’s computer worm  attack. I did not foresee this ( it was too widely dispersed to show up in any individual country chart) though I did expect tech glitches in some of the stock markets this month as the potential was definitely there in the skies.  Right event, wrong destination. But then May isn’t finished yet….     
Otherwise, a brief review of events to date shows that my forecasts were mostly solid for January to May.  But it was never going to be a dramatic time. That will come later.
There were only a couple of red warnings on my summary chart for the whole period. And, no, the US did not warrant a red warning and still doesn’t! ( yet)- there are clearly problems but many of the minor ones have been magnified by the media and the real ones hardly addressed. We will see how that plays out later too. Indeed, even Venezuela didn’t get a red for this period- although the predictions were severe. Nor did North Korea although I expected some military might on show.
Later in year, however, there is more to worry about.  My major political concern is the Saudi Arabia, Israel, Iran threesome.  It does worry me that Trump is visiting two of these three on his first big trip- hope he doesn’t agree to anything stupid…….
There is, of course, also a special mention for North Korea on the red warning chart; although I expect that to rapidly become an internal issue.
Although there are also some other, more economic, flashpoints mainly for Greece and the Venezuela currency at least, I feel more relaxed about these, at least in 2017.
So that’s all there is to it at the moment.  But watch this space!