Sunday, 13 September 2009

Postscript to Neptune to Pluto

Following the submission of my earlier posting I was reading some quotes and discovered the folllowing, apparently well known, one by Ludwig von Mises

"There is no means of avoiding the final collapse of a boom brought about by credit expansion. The alternative is only whether the crisis should come sooner as a result of a voluntary abandonment of further credit expansion, or later as a final and total catastrophe of the currency system involved."

It mirrors my conclusion that the recent stimulus will make no difference in the long run.

But what made me post it was a quick look at Mr Mises' birthchart. Born on 29 September 1881 he has a wide conjunction of Saturn, Neptune, Jupiter, Chiron and Pluto in Taurus. Not many people have one of those!! The "coincidence" has made me quite convinced that Mr Mises knew his credit booms and that I know my astrology.

From Neptune to Pluto: the direction of this runaway train

As readers will know, my focus is on predictive financial astrology. I am not against personal astrology but tend to leave it to others. As a result I rarely consult my own chart. However such a blinkered approach was likely to come unstuck and, sure enough, it did. So busy was I forecasting the dollar and Yen and the potential impact on them of the Neptune/ Jupiter /Chiron conjunction this year, that I failed miserably to identify what that conjunction would do to me.

Before you start playing the violins for me, however, I must point out that I have had an excellent few months. The only downside has been that I have been indulging myself far too much to get round to researching or writing any posts on this blog. Neptune square my Midheaven has resulted in severe procrastination in all career and business matters.

I am under no illusions now that this attitude will fully improve until the 2010; hell, if life is good why worry, but I am at least going to apologise for not posting since April and commit to at least some posts in the next months as the Pluto Saturn square bears down on us.

My next post will provide a more detailed review of the last 6 months, and will be followed by my attempt to complete forecasts for the remaining G20 countries that I have not yet investigated. However, I’d like to say something here about this year’s planetary aspects in general and to look at my general forecasts in the light of what has actually happened.

There have of course been two major factors at play, that Neptune conjunction and the ongoing Saturn/Uranus opposition.

First the Neptune conjunction. I posted about this twice- in my original introduction and early in 2009. In both I was uncertain of the outcome, initially I tended towards a currency crisis around May/June. In my early 2009 update I decided this was less likely. In the latter post, I also reviewed others’ views of the conjunction and noted that they were almost universally positive. Such optimism resulted in my post on hope. The fact is that Neptune and Jupiter do encourage hope and most people buy hope in a way that I don’t. A crisis clearly did not materialise. There is a severe problem but very few can see it. On reflection, Neptune/Jupiter is not generally inclined towards materialising anything harsh- what it has been doing is blinding and optimistically sowing the seeds (by "printing" money willy-nilly) of the future crises, which will no doubt accompany the cardinal cross.

However in case you think my forecasts are suspect, I refer you back to that original introduction where I anticipated “new diseases” and to the post earlier this year when I said “Jupiter and Neptune together are also characteristic of the combination such as the spread of peoples and other species including viruses etc through migration”. Swine flu duly obliged to prove my theory. I also noted the possibilities of cures too and there have been a number of encouraging studies/results on the cancer front during this time. I might (procrastination tendency permitting) return to look more closely at my non-financial predictions in another post.

Now let’s turn to Saturn-Uranus. For much of the last 6 months the opposition was merely operating at a large orb and hovering in the background. Now it is back with a vengeance (with protests in Washington for example).

But what does it mean? Many astrologers have blamed the opposition for the financial crisis. I still see the crisis as superficially Neptunian, but essentially due to the more serious Pluto crisis brought to the fore by Pluto moving into Capricorn.

Nevertheless it would be wrong to ignore the impact of Saturn/Uranus. What is the sky trying to tell us. Five oppositions? That is a lot. And a long period of tug-of-war between the two planets. I think the dark secret of this opposition is “Inflation vs Deflation”

By that I don’t mean that Saturn represents deflation and Uranus inflation. Indeed it is Neptune that represents inflation and increasing money supply in general and Pluto that shows the inclination to deep dark recessions. Saturn does indicate contraction, but Uranus does not indicate expansion, instead it indicates things moving to a new scenario, invention and the like.

No; what these two planets are representing is the policy debate and the tension that arises from the resulting actions.

The questions we asked last year were: Are we stuck with the Saturnian, recession or can we take radical, Uranian, action and create a miracle? Can we maintain stability by bailing out the weakling or must we embrace the true risks of capitalism by letting the lame ducks die?

The questions that have troubled investors since, at market level, are: do we assume that there will be deflation and assume that bonds are the safest option (the Saturn option) or do we assume that there will be high levels of inflation and make more radical and risky bets, equities, commodities, etc (the Uranus option).

As we can see the debate from last November still rages. There is a theory that we are in recovery – that the policies have worked - but the markets still show all sorts of nonsensical divergences. We look for signs of hyperinflation and see unemployment and low wage growth which must be signs of recession. We look for evidence of recession and see stock market rises and commodities rising yet again.

The fact is we are asking the wrong questions; old questions, questions for a crisis of the non-Neptunian kind. We treat the symptoms with Keynesian stimulants, the remedy for a Saturn/Jupiter cycle crisis. We still don’t get the background Pluto crises either. We still hold to the status quo when Pluto says “it is dead, get used to it”.

Where we have been going for the last few decades is towards an unsustainable situation, a true structural Pluto style crisis; Neptune merely enabled and obscured the fact. Deluded by Neptune, we have gradually and imperceptibly moved towards greater inequality. Thus pouring Neptunian measures into a Neptunian situation has potentially been catastrophic; now we are reaching the tipping point with the mass of people experiencing high unemployment or low wages together with increasing expenses, with a few who have scooped all the monetary gains immune from all but the threat of violence.

I admit I was in favour of less stimulus, but now I think it has made no difference, it has delayed some inevitables but brought others forward. But it doesn’t change the sum of those inevitables one iota. The majority of the damage had already been done by 2006. Neptune is now merely deceiving and delaying.

It is too late. The planets say so. The existing tension, policy debates and market anomalies, will continue to do so until mid 2010 when Uranus and Saturn make their final opposition. At that time they will have moved forward so that Pluto will have entered the mix: Pluto and Saturn are recessionary, at best. As my picture for this post, I’ve included a shot from the Jay-Z video “Run this town”- watch the the whole video, its visual theme, though not the lyrics, gives a good flavour of the feel approaching square. You better hope that Uranus/Jupiter pulls a rabbit out of hat next year or else and, even then, you better hope that rabbit isn’t wearing a revolutionary beret.