Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Forecasting timing: how inner planets change the date

I often mention in my posts the fact that my forecasts are only supposed to be accurate to within three months as I am only considering outer planet movements and ignoring the inner planets. This week we have an excellent example of how inner planets trigger events earlier or later than the outer planet trends would otherwise suggest.

I keep harping on about the Neptune, Chiron Jupiter conjunction in May and usually refer to it being in operation from April to July. But this week, we are seeing some pretty dramatic meltdowns in the markets, which I might not have forecast for another couple of months. We’ve also seen another event characteristic of the conjunction, a whole lot of beached whales, many of whom died.

So why are these events taking place now and not in May?

If we look at the chart for Monday 2nd March 2009, we see all three planets in Aquarius, but they are still not close to conjunction. Neptune is at 24 degrees and Chiron at 22 degrees, but Jupiter is only at 13 degrees and still has two months to go until the configuration becomes exact.

However, the sector of the tropical zodiac we call Aquarius is busy at the moment. As of the 2nd Mars and Mercury were at 20 degrees, sufficiently close to Chiron and Neptune to have impact. But that is not the whole key to the puzzle. The key is in what traditional astrologers referred to as translation of light (or transfer of energies if you prefer). Mars made a conjunction with Jupiter on 17th February and Mercury did the same on 24th February. Then as they moved towards Neptune they effectively completed a conjunction between Jupiter and Neptune which would not otherwise take place until May.

By next Monday, 9th March, their work will be done and they will both be separating from Neptune. From then, the influence of Jupiter will reduce until the two planets meet in person, so to speak, or until the next translation; it is not only conjunctions that create the translation effect, but they are probably the strongest of the influences. Indeed the particularly string influence on 2nd was due to the Moon in Taurus adding its own translation energies to the mix.

You can see the effect ( excluding the moon) rather nicely on the following graph.